Objectification in our fallen world

by redguthrie

I’ve seen video “The Sexy Lie” by Caroline Heldmen, presented at TEDxYouth at San Diego float through my Tumblr feed a few times and finally took the time to check it out myself. It’s a very good and thought-provoking video that I recommend you check out. It does not come from an expressly Christian point-of-view and Heldmen never mentions religion, but she does a good job of describing the real ways that corporations seek to sate their avarice through exploiting the passions of everyday people, particularly lust and vanity. When we give in to sins like greed, vanity, envy, and lust, we reinforce the fallenness of humanity. This negatively affects the women, men, girls, and boys in our lives in real ways that decrease the quality of their lives and draws them further away from God.